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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Scrapbook Paper "Cone" Trees

Who loves these "cone" trees, as I call them? I DO! I love the simplicity, and sleek design of them. As most of you know I always try to pinch my pennies to make a dime. I'm always in search of the cheapest way to make something look expensive! And I think I have succeeded! These trees were simply made with scrapbook paper! "No way!" you say... Well I say "YES WAY!"  And look how AWESOME THEY ARE!

(I intend to make more, MANY more!)

"Christmas" Scrapbook paper - reds, greens, browns etc.

Roll the paper to make the desired size and shape of your "cone tree"

Staple the paper at the bottom

Cut off the excess paper 

Cut the bottom of the "cone" to make it even. So the tree stands upright and tall.

Hot glue the flap down and YOU'RE DONE!

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