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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Speed Racing Card

I love this card. I have used it for Dad's, Grandpa's, little boys, cousins, and nephews. I made 5 of them all at the same time. It is a fun and classy card. Make one to take to someone you know. They are easy and great to make in bulk.  

Start out with a blank card. I buy my blank cards at Walmart in their scrapbook section. They have packs of 6 or 8 cards with envelopes for $1. 
Grab a sky blue card stock and cover the front of your card. 
Next cut a thick strip of black paper for your road. 
Glue down the black strip on the bottom of your card over the "blue sky."
Next make a thin yellow strip (you can also make yellow dash lines) for your road. Glue the yellow strip (or dashes) onto your "black road." 
I was given these cute car stickers as a gift at one of my many Girls Camps. The cars have a green border around them so I peeled them off and put them on a white rectangle of card stock. 
I then glued the car and white card stock "rectangle" onto green scrapbook paper that matched the border around the car. 
I cut out the now "green and white rectangle" with the car sticker and glued it at an angle onto my road to look like it was racing. 
I finished the card by cutting out a "cloud of dust" in white card stock and shaded it with pencil. Glue that at the car's "exhaust pipe" to add dimension. 

Give to someone special for a birthday, a thank you, a thinking of you.
"Hope your Birthday doesn't race by too fast..."
"Hope your Day doesn't speed on by..."
"Thinking of you in your fun car racing the summer away..."
"Thanks for speeding to my aid!"
"Thanks for racing to rescue me!..."

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