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Friday, February 22, 2013

Ticket Stub Memory Box

When my husband and I were dating I kept a shoe box full of all the papers and ticket stubs we went on dates to. I was "de-junking" my closet and stumbled upon it. I wanted to display them visually as we  passed by, but not take up much space. I saw on pinterest a long time ago a lady who made a shadow box of ticket stubs. I loved it. You can put all the tickets you had, and still add more with a simple slit on top. My husband and I love ours. We shake it up every few weeks to surface more memories. Dig out all your old tickets, room keys, passes, programs etc. and make a fun filled memory box you can continually add to.

My sweet mother in law found this and gave it to me. She knew I would use it. It's a different kind of shadow box. The front opened on small hinges to be able to show the contents inside. I loved it because there was a lot of room on the top and side to slide in larger and "thicker" programs.
 I put a long piece of black electric tape on the bottom to "seal" the front "door" and the box together to prevent the tickets from falling out. I printed off a picture of the "admit one" tickets. I cut them out and glued it to the top left corner on the outside of the box. This was a simple fun project that brought back fun memories that were forgotten.  

*You can purchase this kind of shadow box or a "normal" shadow box that seals up from the back. You would need to cut a long slit or hole on top to be able to keep adding to your memory collection. It would look just the same! Have fun! 

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