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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Airplane Baby Moblie

I have been wanting to tackle this project for months. I finally did it! I've been waiting for a Saturday that didn't have anything going on to do this. I had the picture in my head of what I wanted it to be. It turned out quite well if I do say so my self. I wanted it to go with the theme of my baby boy's room. 
Airplanes and helicopters. 

I love being an Air Force wife. My husband is in Security Forces with the Tactical Response Force team. They fly in the helicopters and repel out when needed and are the eyes above to watch the convoys. I never realized until we got into the military that everyone in the Air Force doesn't fly! I thought the Army was on the ground with the Marines, Navy in the water and Air Force all in the AIR! Well that is just not so. There is a job of every kind in every branch of military! I thought about it and in the movie Top Gun, Tom Cruise is in the Navy and he flies! Kind of funny. Any way I love being in the Air Force, and my husband having the opportunity to have a job that allows him to fly in helicopters when hardly anyone in the Air Force does!

So here it is! The airplane and helicopter mobile! It makes my sweet Connor's room! Check it out!

I found these darling airplanes at Walmart for $1 in the craft section. I grabbed 2 and painted them with acrylic paint.

At Walmart I also purchased a plastic yellow embroidery hoop for $2. I wanted the hoop to he able to be tightened! It will keep the fishing line in place and not slide around! Genius I know! 

I started out by grabbing some heavy duty fishing line, the wooden airplanes are kinda heavy and I didn't want them falling on my baby! So the stronger the better I thought. I cut the fishing line to the length I wanted and tied it through the Helicopter. And tied a good knot around the hoop. I would hold the hoop up after every tie to make sure that is where I wanted it, and if not, I would adjust.

I then tied a shorter length for the airplane. Since this wooden airplanes didn't have anywhere to attach the fishing line through, I tied it around and secured it with hot glue so it wasn't going anywhere. I attached it to the hoop and held it up to make sure that's where I wanted it to fall.

I also tied the fishing line around this plastic "stealth" air craft, and also put some hot glue on it. (I the helicopter and "stealth" plane came from a box of plastic army men I got for my husband for Christmas as a gag gift. It worked out for me and this project!)
When I was done tying all different lengths of fish line to the  4 different "air crafts" I held it all up and made sure that is where I wanted them all. I then cut 4 even long pieces of fish line for the top. I tied them all around the hoop in the same places as the air crafts' lines were. I didn't want tons of strings from every direction.

This is me holding up all the strings together. I then made a small loop on top with all the strings together and tied a knot around the loop. The loop is to hang from the hook in the ceiling.

When I was done with all the measuring and all the strings were in the correct place, I put the inner embroidery hoop in place and tightened it! 

When it was tight I cut all the excess small strings that were from all the little knots.

And LOOK THAT THAT! A DARLING, EASY Baby Mobile! This took me about 30 min to make! Not to bad huh?

Sorry the lighting is bad, but you get the idea!

Pretty perfect in my eyes! Now all I need is a curtain! 

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  1. How cute! Love the idea for a boy's nursery.

  2. This is SO precious! Fabulous job! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Weekend Wonders. Hope you're enjoying your week so far.

  3. I loved your hair clips last week and now you've got me again! I'm a sucker for mobiles and your is so cute.

  4. This is very cute! I have a friend who also has an airplane nursery for her little guy so definitely want to show her this. Thanks again for linking up to Much Ado About Monday. :)