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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Paint Your Patio Table

Do you have a patio table that just looks "Industrial?" But we love "Industrial" tables because they last long, they don't wear down easily, and they are stable! Well take that same old "Industrial" table that TONS of people have and make it yours! PAINT IT! Grab 2 cans of a fun color, neutral color, pastel color, you name it, it can be yours! My sister and I painted her patio table a dark "rust" orange! IT IS AWESOME! I takes that same old "Industrial" table that lots of people have and makes it theirs! Their patio has a fun pop of color and the table is definitely inviting! It only takes 30 min! It's fun, and still just as function-able! 

Look at this! We've all seen this table and all know the creamy white color it was. By painting it, it hides stains, or dirty places you have scrubbed and scrubbed! How nice! 
Take the table out on the lawn or somewhere you won't mind some possible "over spray."  Make sure your spray paint works with out door furniture. If you get one that doesn't, it will scorch by the sun and get bubbles. Don't go cheap on this one. Grab your paint and go crazy! Paint your table to make it yours! Have fun and let me know how it turns out!

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