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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mirror Makeover

This mirror was a part of a vanity. It had 2 folding mirrors on both sides. We took it off the dresser (in the back ground) and attached a strong "hanger" on the back to put it up on the wall. It was originally a "medium" orangey brown. I painted it white. Then it disappeared into my cream wall! What was I to do?! My husband and I had just decided when we were to move from this base we would just get rid of it. I looked at mirrors all around. They are pricey! So I took a good LONG look at my mirror and thought of how I could "dress it up." I found a pad of scrapbook paper on sale for $2 that was normally $10! AMAZING! And I was EATING up all the fun designs of paper it had! So I thought, and thought, "Hey!" The inside ridge can be mod podged with this fun paper! And I can paint the top and bottom inside ridge! YAY! So I did it! Super easy and now my husband said "hey this is a nice mirror now! We should hang on to this!" I quickly agreed!

Here is the mirror- plain Jane white. The scrapbook paper pad I found on sale! Gorgeous I know!

I measured the inside ridge I wanted to cover with the paper. I measured it out onto the 12x12 sheet, and cut strips to fit.

Uh, Oh, I had ugly "seams" showing from the paper meeting up! What was I to do?! How about cover them up and make them look continuous?! I think that is a great idea!

I took an extra strip of the paper I accidentally cut out, and started cutting all the "Whole Leaves" out to fix the "seams." Like so...

You see a seam....

Now you don't! YAY!

I put mod podge all along the papers to secure it down. One coat underneath to make it stick, and one coat on top.

When the mod podge was dry I painted the top and bottom ridge. This was my first attempt at a grey. I ended up going darker. 

Voila! Take a look at that! A mirror that disappeared to fun and fabulous!

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  1. This is awesome!! Love how you used the leaves to cover up the seams! So clever! Definetly a "keep-worthy" mirror! :)

  2. Very nice. The seam covering trick is great! Thanks for sharing at Much Ado About Monday.


  3. Big difference! wow, you made it wonderful!

    1. just became your newest follower, perhaps we can inspire each other!