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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Button & Star Bead Bracelet

Here is yet another fun activity to do with your children. June and I had a loved making these Button and Star Bead Bracelets together. We were given the Sparkle Elastic Cords and Plastic Bead Stars for free from Craft Project They gave them to us to do whatever we wanted! My awesome Mother In-law told me about these button bracelets she saw, and I remembered she gave us a HUGE bag of different buttons that have come in handy MANY times. These fun buttons of all sizes and colors came from her so June and I could make fun crafts together. June and I thought it would be fun to make bracelets for June's friends out of these star beads and the bright buttons. They are PERFECT for children! June ended up making a necklace to match. I love that you can put all of the buttons and stars in any mismatched order and they still turn out GREAT! Take a look at how EASY and cute these are!

The Supplies:

We realized shortly after this picture was taken, the bead came right off. I improved and grabbed some tape and taped down the end of the elastic cord to the table to keep the beads from continually falling off. 

When the desired amount of beads were strung, all you simply do is tie both strings together and make 2 knots. I pulled a little tight so it wasn't loose on  the little girls' wrists.

Cut the excess string, and you're done!

This is where June loved her bracelet so much she had so start again and made a necklace! So cute!

She is so proud of her homemade jewelry! 

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  1. She's so cute! My daughter loves digging through my button jars, so I know she'd definitely enjoy a project like this!