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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Grape Stick Appetizers

Who doesn't love an appetizer that is easy to make and deliciously healthy ? I made these for a Young Women Activity night that the parents were invited to. We had a great devotional and then we had little treats afterwards. Well coming up with the treat options was the hard part. We have MANY Allergies in our group of girls, along with some of the parents. A few of them are, Wheat, Nuts, Gluten, Milk, Melons, Banana, and 3 Diabetics. So what could we make? 
We decided to be geniuses and made 4 different kinds of smoothies. One without Banana, and with Almond milk, one with Banana and Almond milk and the others had normal milk and other fruits. It was a HIT! Along with the smoothies we wanted something you could eat and not drink. We came up with fruit trays. I was in charge of the grapes. Well I am a germ-a-phobe and hate other people dipping their dirty hands into a bowl of grapes. So what is a good way to display grapes in a "non germy" way? 
How about tooth picks?! IT WAS FABULOUS! I'm going to do this at all sorts of parties and get together's. It was so fast and easy, plus they are super fun!

Grape Stick Appetizers

Wash your grapes
Place 2 grapes on a tooth pick
Place on a plate

It's that simple! 

"Longer" Grape Stick Appetizers

Cut Bamboo Skewers in half and place 4 rinsed grapes on each. SO EASY, and FUN TO EAT!

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