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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Wooden Peg Super Hero Set

Who made these? I MADE THESE! I'm so proud of how these little Wooden Peg Super Hero's turned out! Believe it or not, we actually made these for a Relief Society Activity. I was so excited to try these. We could purchase a Princess set, or a Super Hero set. Well, since my little June has over 30 figures already, some Princesses she has double, I thought it was time for some "Boy" figures! So, I signed up for the super hero collection, and here we are!
I made only 2 while I was at the activity because I was talking and laughing, and munching on goodies with some awesome women. 2 days later, I pulled out my paints and paint brushes and went to town. These will be the perfect little Christmas gift for my Connor! 
So, without further ado, here are my Super Hero's. I asked my dear friend who put on this event where she purchased the wooden pegs, and she said at Hobby Lobby.

I really tried to keep them as simple as possible. I have to admit, I LOVED USING MY BLACK PERMANENT MARKER! I used a black permanent marker on my spider man, and on my bat symbol! IT WAS HEAVEN! I am very pleased with the outcome. I painted them all with Acrylic paint then sprayed a clear coat of  "gloss" over top; so if Connor puts it in his mouth, the paint wouldn't come right off! 

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  1. AHH! These are so cute! I'm still trying to get the hang of all the "boy stuff", but you definitely nail it. They look awesome!

    1. Ah! These are so cute! I'm still trying to urge the hang of all the "boy stuff", but you certainly nail it. they appear awesome!cookings set