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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Front Door Black Cat

My little June is still obsessed with Black Cat's since she dressed up as one last year for Halloween. So whenever I ask her what we should make for Halloween, she always says "A KITTY!" I can't refuse that little cutie so today we made a Black Cat for our front door. It was 5 pieces of Card Stock, so it's pretty big, but it MAKES our door POP! I got the "inspiration" for the design of the cat from our Halloween Glitter Pictures we recently made. Here's the how to! 
Do you need a cat on your front door? 

Take 2 Pieces of black card stock and tape them together. I grabbed my Glitter Picture and traced out the the design I previously made as best I could with a pencil. I then cut out the head and body.

I grabbed another piece of card stock and taped it to the middle piece. It overlapped because I didn't want the body super long, I then drew the legs and cut those out.


Next, the tail, I cut 1 piece of card stock in half for the narrow part of the tail. The other piece of card stock I attached on top. I drew the "swirly" tail with a pencil and cut it out. 

I grabbed my Exacto knife and cut out the eyes and nose.

Turn the cat over so the tape and the pencil lines don't show. Tape up the "good side" and enjoy!

(One of the best things about this is, it's FLAT! YAY! Next to no storage space needed!)

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