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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Elastic Button Bracelet

Need an easy gift? How about an Elastic Button Bracelet? I recently made this with some elastic cord I received for free from It was nice to have 2 small cords all in 1 big bracelet. My awesome mother-in-law gave me a WHOLE bag of buttons, some we used previously on our Button & Star Bead Bracelets. They have been so fun to create with! So, I made another bracelet, only one for an adult. This is such a fun "chunky" accessory, but yet it goes with brown, beige and black outfits! 

Tape 2 elastic cords to the table and start stringing!

With the 4 holed buttons you can string them 2 ways, Diagonal Holes...

or Side by Side holes.

some of the small beads don't need to be strung with both cords, to add a different dimension you can have just one cord go through. You can see it down below.

When all buttons are strung, tie both ends of the bracelet together, and cut the excess elastic.

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  1. Love the eclectic look of this bracelet! And that's pretty sweet that you're MIL gave you a whole bag of buttons. I'm curious to know what other projects you'll be doing with them :). Thank you for sharing at the Handmade Holiday Link Party!