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Friday, August 2, 2013

The Cell Phone Basket

We have been having some trouble with our Young Women and their cell phones. Yes it is so nice to have your scriptures readily available in the palm of your hand. BUT, you are ONE CLICK away from facebook or texting. It is very disrespectful when the teachers have spent a good amount of time during their week pondering and preparing their lesson just to have the youth not pay attention. So now here we are and the solution is... The Cell Phone Basket. I don't know why I haven't enforced it sooner but better late then never. I found a darling poem I shortened to put on the side of our basket. 
It reads:

A tisket a tasket
see our cell phone basket.
It's a very safe place to put your phone,
then pick it up when you go home.
Young Women's on Sunday is a place for the Spirit,
if you're talking or texting, how will you hear it?
There is plenty of time and a number of days,
to chat for hours or text away.
So, take no offense...It's with love that we ask it.
Please leave your phone home or in the basket.

I found this poem at by Amy Pratt and loved it! This was just what I wanted to say to our Young Women. 

I spent $1 whole dollar at the dollar store for this basket and took my scraps of ribbon to "girly" it up in the value colors. I printed out the shortened poem and taped it in place. This will change the spirit in our classes and mutual immmmensely!
Does your class need a Cell Phone Basket?

I didn't know how to stick the poem onto the basket. So, I just took clear tape and taped the poem through the INSIDE of the basket so you don't see it! I was pretty excited. 

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  1. I think this would work great at out dinner table. Make them all pop their phones away before dinner.