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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Earring & Necklace Holder

I totally forgot to post this! I made this during graduation for a Young Woman in our ward in whom we absolutely adore. She has babysat for us many times and we just love their whole family. Anyway, she was graduating and I wanted to give her something fun and girly because she is a girl who definitely LOVES her accessories. Her mom made her and her sister a whole mirror filled with hooks for the back of their bathroom wall to hang their necklaces. It's AMAZING! Anyway, I wanted her to feel comfortable in college and like she was home with her huge necklace holder. So I made her a necklace holder "dorm room style." Small and compact, but just as useful. I found this earring holder at Hobby Lobby for $7 in the 80% off section. I was BEAMING, it was PERFECT for her, and I knew just what I was going to do!

I took a hammer and a nail, hammered in the nail a small bit, took out the nail and screwed in the hook (See the 3 pictures at the bottom of the collage for steps). I did this all along the pattern on the earring holder to make sure they were evenly placed. I put hooks all along the bottom for long necklaces to hang down, and 2 hooks at the top next to the flower design for shorter necklaces. IT WAS AWESOME! So simple and I know she will get lots of use out of it!

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