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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

5-Star Authentic Guacamole

I recently returned from a week long visit with my family. My kids and I had so much fun! Upon my arrival my sweet parents surprised me with a daddy daughter date to a 5-star restaurant's cooking class! The restaurant is called the Red Reflet Ranch in Tensleep Wyoming. The cooking class was called "Authentic Mexico." My dad and I are some of the biggest Mexican food fans EVER, so this was AWESOME! We learned how to make so many authentic foods- it was such a fun experience! This Authentic Guacamole was our favorite! I've made it 2 times since the class! It's THAT GOOD!

Here's my dad and I making Empanadas!

This is the big bowl of Guacamole we made at our class! YUM!

5-Star Authentic Guacamole

2-3 Avocados - shelled and sliced or cubed
Fresh Lime to taste - (1 whole fresh lime is what I used)
Sea Salt to taste
Cumin to taste

-MASH with a potato masher-

Chopped cilantro - a good pinch
Chopped onion - (I used about 1 T.)
A little diced tomato

Stir and taste
(add more salt, lime, cumin etc. to taste)

It's GREAT being able to cater this to your desires!

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