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Saturday, February 15, 2014


Do you believe me?
Well you should.
Do you know why?
Who ever said you weren't?

This is my 3 year old daughter June. She Ooozes personality. Can you tell?
Well we had a little heart to heart the other day on beauty.

One morning I was putting on my 1 minute make up routine when she came and stood on the toilet seat to watch me, as she usually does. She asked if she could put some makeup on. I normally let her put a little powder on or something but day I said, "June, you don't need make-up you are beautiful just the way you are!"
She started welling up with tears and said, "NO, I'm NOT BEAUTIFUL!"
For a split second, I was in pure shock. You could sincerely tell she was upset and truly believed she wasn't beautiful. How can a 3 year old even comprehend that she isn't beautiful? I quickly passed the shock of what she had just said, then I instantly said, "Yes June, you are beautiful."
She came right back at me, bawling at this point, and said, "No mom! I'm not beautiful."
By this time the shock had worn off and I started to cry too.
 I asked her, "June, who told you, you weren't beautiful?" 
She didn't say anything. I picked her up and she buried her head into my shoulder as we cried together.
When I collected myself after a minute or two, I said, "June you are gorgeous. You are so sweet and wonderful. You help me all the time. You are the only you. No matter what people say, you ARE beautiful. Heavenly Father doesn't make ugly things. He made you because he knew you were BEAUTIFUL inside and out.
We hugged and kissed and that was the end of our moment.
I don't know if she fully grasped my little comment. After all she is 3.
Since then, when we tell her she looks so pretty or beautiful, she always says - thanks, or I know, as she did before this whole incident.

I honestly want to know the moment we all questioned if  we were pretty or not, or cool or not.
One of my favorite phrases is one my mom has on a plaque in her home.
It says, with a bumble bee in the corner:

"Just BEE yourself, everyone else is taken."

I believe everyone should continuously be improving themselves to reach the heights they personally want to achieve. 
I want you to know...
You are AWESOME!
You are the only YOU in the world. No one is quiet like you.
Yes, some people share traits, habits, likes, or dislikes similar to yours, but in the end you are very different.
Everyone walks a different road. Everyone has grown up in different circumstances than you. Take that into consideration. You don't know how everyone's life has played out. 

How do you think God sees us?
He made us.
Don't you think it's a insult to Him when someone doesn't find His creation as beautiful as he does?

When you look at someone, what do you see? Do you see with the "worlds" eyes? Or with God's eyes?




Remind yourself today, and every day after that...
You are TRULY

Who ever said you weren't?

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  1. June is so precious! Rock your Awesomeness girly! My daughter on the other hand likes to run around saying "Look how gorgeous I am!" No lack of confidence there. :-) We need to focus more on the "girls are strong!" concept around here though. I thought I was on top of that, but those pesky gender roles just sneak up out of nowhere.