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Monday, February 17, 2014

Generations of Service Picture Frame

We are a very blessed family. As I have said before, I'm an Air Force Wife, which makes our family an Air Force Family. Being in the Military has given me such and amazing outlook on our country. I am truly thankful from the bottom of my heart for the country we live in and the freedoms we enjoy. I have such a profound respect for those who serve in the military. I respect and admire those who leave their home to serve and protect us. I'm especially thankful for the families who stay behind. Wives, who are all too often over looked, who worry and wait for their loved ones to return. Your courage and strength are of the highest magnitude.
I am also truly blessed to have such an amazing family history of people who have fought for our country in the past. My dear Aunt Judy is an incredible historian. She has searched and compiled our family's history for centuries! I told her I was putting together a picture frame to display in our home of our relatives who have served in the military. I asked if she knew anyone other than my 2 grandpa's who had served. I was shocked to see when she sent me a picture of a Great Grandfather who served in the Civil War! The other 3 pictures are of my husband and I's Grandfather's who served in WWII, and the most recent as I assume you can tell, is my husband. 
I am so thankful for this opportunity to share with you my family's history in the military. It has blessed our lives and brought a beautiful respect and love for our country to our home. Every time the National Anthem goes off my children stop and salute, or cover their hearts. I'm so grateful they've learned that reverence and respect at such a young age for those who have given their all for us to be free. 

God Bless AMERICA, and God bless those who serve us!

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I made this cluster picture frame from dollar store frames and glued them all together. I glued a ribbon onto the back to hang it. 
Everyone who comes to our home and sees this always comment on how nice it is to keep our nation's pride burning.

*This would be a great family project, and would be fun to hang in your home around the 4th of July if not all year round!

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