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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Daughters Obeying The Savior - D.O.T.S. (Young Women in Excellence)

We recently put on our church's Young Women in Excellence. It was a GREAT program. If you don't know what Young Women in Excellence is, let me give you a short run down. It's a night where the Young Women of our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, ages 12-18 show case projects based around the Savior they have been working on throughout the year. There is always a theme for the speakers and the decorations, and this year we chose D.O.T.S. Daughters Obeying The Savior. It was AWESOME! Here are some pictures! If you are putting on a church party for Young Women or girls, this was a great theme to play with!

Here was our set up... we had a white board behind our podium with our theme. 
The green chevron is wrapping paper. I took a large circle punch and punched out a TON of circles from construction paper and put them ALL over the walls! I printed off the words and then punched them out with the same circle punch as the colored dots. SO CUTE! It looked so fun!

We had a candy bar for refreshments, we tried our hardest to only use "circle" candy and foods to keep going with our D.O.T.S.  theme.
People were given little cellophane bags to fill with the candy to take home. It was a big hit! 

I took some "Longer" Grape Stick Appetizers to this event. Instead of my previous Grape Stick Appetizers using tooth picks, I used Bamboo Skewers that I simply cut in half. So, instead of just 2 grapes on a tooth pick, you get 4 grapes on 1 skewer. AWESOME!

Each of the girls received a large box of DOTS with a small paper that said...

Daughters Obeying the Savior

Congratulations on your accomplishments in 2013.
As you continue to pursue your personal Progress in 2014, 
you will become closer to the Savior. 
You are a beautiful Daughter of God.
"You are truly a Royal spirit daughter of Almighty God. 
You are a Princess destined to become a Queen."
-President Utchdorf

We used polka dot fabric throughout the room as table cloths and as little accents here and there

If you are giving a Young Women in Excellence or New Beginnings- I hope this helps with some ideas!

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  1. Thank you so much, we are using this idea for our 2016 YW in Excellence. Just a slight change "Depending on the Savior".