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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cereal Box Clovers

Are you ready for Saint Patrick's Day?! We aren't, but our mantel/shelf sure is! I was so excited to come up with a classy/elegant St. Patty's Day decoration. I'm not so into all of the bright green- I wanted more of an older "Ireland" look. This is what I came up with! I took the inspiration from my Cereal Box Barn Stars and decided to make cute 3D clovers! I sent a picture of these to my mom and sister, and they couldn't believe they were cereal boxes! I was beaming!
 Here are step by step picture instructions for your convenience! 

First step - grab an empty cereal box and tear it down to one long piece of cardboard. Cut out a heart from paper -for your stencil.

Trace the heart 4 times to make a clover - overlapping the heart each time just a little. Then cut out your clover!
Now if you want 2 clovers like mine, you take your already cut out clover and trace it over on the other side of the cereal box! Now you have 2! AWESOME!

Bend the cardboard along each petal and between each petal like so...
It looks like you have an X and a T of folds.
The X folds go "IN" and the T folds, fold "OUT"

Grab 4 pieces of scrapbook paper. Trace the heart you used to make the clover 2 times per scrapbook paper. In the end you should have 8 hearts, 4 for each clover.

Arrange the cut out scrapbook papers on your cardboard. Get you mod podge ready with a paintbrush and a surface to paint on. (I use freezer paper)

Paint the cardboard first, place a scrapbook heart on top, then paint over the top to seal it down. 

Just when its about dry, but not quite, bend the clover again on all the creases you made previously so in the final stages of drying it stays creased and not flat.

While it's drying cut out 2 "Stems" from the scraps of your cereal box. Trace them onto scrapbook paper and mod podge them as well.

Finally add a little more mod podge to the stem and place it on the back of the clover. 
Let dry and hang where you like!
No one will ever guess they're cereal boxes!

Check out my Cereal Box Barn Stars!

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  1. These are so cute! Would never have guessed that you made them out of cereal boxes!


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